Power Conversion Technology Licensed

November 29, 2010

Venture Management, Inc. announced today the successful licensing by an undisclosed client of a recently patented power conversion technology to a U.S. based powers supply manufacturer with global reach.The subject technology provides advantages across a wide range of ac-dc and dc-dc power conversion applications through a significant reduction in switching losses. This switching loss reduction translates to improved energy efficiency, reduced thermal management issues, faster transient response and increased power density when compared to the leading designs currently on the market. This technology aligns well with evolving market requirements in the digital power market as well as application requirements for smaller and lighter power supplies. The financial terms of the license agreement were not announced.

Mark Shappee, Managing Director of Venture Management, did, however, note that, "The initial license by our client is aimed at what is often referred to as the Type 3 military specification range of applications, i.e., the commercial, or 'COTS' market. The unique topology of this technology will permit the granting of a license for Types I and II 'MIL spec' applications, i.e., those associated with the more stringent requirements of the military and high reliability "rad hard" and space markets. Venture Management will pursue licensing for these demanding applications in 2011 following the introduction of the topology to certain high performance commercial market segments."

Mark Shappee also noted that, "While the licensing of advanced technology is not normally considered within the scope of an investment bank's services, our client firm's technology was so compelling in terms of its ability both to meet many of our nation's needs for 'greener' energy management and to support certain other U.S. interests, we were excited to be able to apply our experience to this challenge."